Welcome Guest, A little about me I’m Balaji Pandurangan pals call me Balaji. I’m a working as a front-end developer in one of the top MNCs living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. When I’m not code, I enjoy writing and talking about it. I love Music, cooking ,internet surfing and watching movies.

Why Website!

This is Balaji Pandurangan’s personal portfolio website ,here you  able to know better about me, i would like to share my thoughts and my technical aspects which i was learned so far in my information technology career . I have started this website to make more visibility over the world wide web .One more important reason behind why i have launched this website is , as a web developer i am developing more websites for indian clients and also for overseas so one day an idea crossed  my mind ie. i am developing the website for others why can’t i develop a public profile for me. Another reason is , Each  web developer must have a personal portfolio website like this.

What you can know about me!

1.About my works.
2.About my life.
3.About my achievements if any.
4.About my Downloadable CV.
Note : The above listed information will be added in the future because of that i have not included any Hyperlinks for that. Thanks for visiting this page come again to get better inspiration.

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